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Praise for




"Emotional and deeply personal singing... Keegan not only sang beautifully but with intention...With a rich, dark tone to her voice, the mezzo used nuanced phrasing and dynamics."

-Chris Ruel


"Shannon Keegan (Mezzo-soprano) makes it vividly and wonderfully clear that the real reconciliation in this opera lies in Zerlina's C major aria "Vedrai carino".

-Alexander Walther

Seen and Heard International

"In ‘King David’, Keegan sang of the man’s profound despair heightened by the singing of a nightingale... ‘King David’, however, was one of the freeze-frame moments of the entire week."

-Rick Perdian


"Ms. Keegan is a tremendous vocalist, but proved herself to be an actress as well, able to find her way believably and honestly into the deep feelings in the text. At one point, during a piano interlude, she turned her back to the audience and looked down at the keyboard as if it were another character on stage with her."

-Loren Lester


"The outstanding American mezzo-soprano,  Shannon Keegan,
then styled the "Habanera" with dazzling tones and great vocal expressiveness....The Easter chorus from Pietro Mascagni's "Cavalleria rusticana" had a magnificent effect, where Shannon Keegan once again offered
an impressive vocal performance as Santuzza."
-Alexander Walther

Lester the Nightfly

"Shannon just kills it."

-PJ Ewing


Stuttgarter Nachrichten

"Shannon Keegan, a very versatile mezzo-soprano who performed a brilliant "Habanera" from Bizet's "Carmen" both vocally and dramatically."

-Verena Grosskreutz

Friends of Shan

"You can be so graceful when you want to be." 
-Gwen Coleman, Soprano,
"Kannon Sheegan!" 
-Victor Schoner
"Awful persistent." 
-Stephen King
"I didn't like it but you sure have more fun when you do that, don't you?" 
-Edith Wiens
"Cut the Funny Girl Act." 
-Amy Johnson, Soprano
Note: she has not
"Sie ist ein Rockerfrau!!" 
-Tobias Truniger
"What I love is that Shanny will do whatever Shanny wants to do. But I'm allowed to hate it as much as I want." 
Note: said with genuine earnest
"You're not funny. Funny things happen to you." 
-Grant Jackson, Baritone

Get to know Shannon
in an interview with Lester the Nightfly

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